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Posted on Oct 09, 2014
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I’ve just finished an editorial shoot and the full thing is now up on the site.

It’s darker, possibly dangerous and a little bit mysterious. Kind of like The Enchanted Forest.

Stop by and take a peak.


Annie Oswald_06

Posted on Aug 04, 2014
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Here’s a select few from the shoot.

Check out the full campaign here.

copyright_Annie Oswald_12

copyright_Annie Oswald_03

copyright_Annie Oswald_35

copyright_Annie Oswald_19

copyright_Annie Oswald_33

copyright_Annie Oswald_02

copyright_Annie Oswald_14

copyright_Annie Oswald_24

copyright_Annie Oswald_27

copyright_Annie Oswald_23

copyright_Annie Oswald_07

copyright_Annie Oswald_05

copyright_Annie Oswald_13

copyright_Annie Oswald_04

copyright_Annie Oswald_01

copyright_Annie Oswald_15

copyright_Annie Oswald_08