Posted on Oct 30, 2014
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This was a wedding I was so happy to be a part of because I knew the bride from years ago…

Emily and I were in the same major together at University of Illinois, and we shared many a morning coffee and walk to class together. We were great college friends that hadn’t seen each other in years.

So when Emily got in touch to ask whether or not I would like to document their day, I was thrilled! Not only to be a part of it, but to be reunited after so long!!

After their lovely intimate wedding dinner with just a few close family and friends a few nights before, this day was the big party version to match it!

What a fantastic day it was. Though it was one of the coldest days in one of the coldest winters on record in Chicago, NOTHING could stop the good vibes that day.

The wedding party was based at the hotel, which is where the reception was also taking place. So whilst Emily and her bridesmaids were leisurely getting ready they were also able to check on the last minute details of the party that would soon kick off.

It was such a fun day from start to finish from the chilled out preparations in the hotel room to the gorgeous Assyrian ceremony to the NON STOP dancing at the reception.

Never have I seen dancing like this before at a wedding, it was impressive!

It was wonderful to be able to capture both of their wedding celebrations, and for me it was a pleasure to be around such genuine and lovely people who were kind enough to make me feel like a special guest.

Wishing them all the best in their future and hoping another reunion is not too far off…

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