Posted on Sep 22, 2022
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Look, people are nice enough. They’re not trying to ostracize.

But it’s what happens to a woman when she steps outside of the culture of expectation and into the wild of her own making. She becomes a lightning rod for judgment, hostility, and suspicion.

Luckily, some women are obsessed with lightning. I love everything about it. A bright, coursing light from some celestial place above chooses to make contact with us and then a near instantaneous passage of energy from one atmosphere to another produces an electromagnetic pulse of unearthly power and force. It’s the very same phenomenon in the medical field that’s used to restore a normal heartbeat and wake people out of their cardiac unconsciousness.

The science of lightning is the science of the human soul in my opinion and I think of it like a high-voltage surge of life for what’s dead.

I don’t just want to see it, I want to be it.


copyright Annie Oswald 2022