Posted on Aug 04, 2014
Posted in Weddings

This lovely wedding dinner was truly the best of both wedding worlds.

Emily and Jacob come from two very different, but very loving families. One big and boisterous with parties and celebrations being their forte, and the other, a smaller and more reserved family who better express themselves in a more intimate and private way.

So how better for both families to comfortably celebrate the union of their children than to have two kinds of weddings!

This beautiful dinner and private union ceremony took place just a few days before their big wedding day. and it was perfect.

The venue was Nana, a local cult classic organic restaurant in Chicago serving handcrafted seasonal meals, and a favourite of theirs. With their very nearest and dearest they shared a quiet meal over candlelight, told stories, made speeches and affectionately expressed their feelings about the two.

It was small, authentic, real, and the love in the air was contagious.

It was a pleasure to document their special night.

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